The 13 Best Customer Retention Strategies +Real Examples

Then, create audience segments with these customers to send them targeted reengagement communications. Additionally, leverage positive feedback to generate social proof to attract new customers. For example, you can feature glowing product reviews on your website or share them in an email. A great example is the REI Co-op Membership program, which offers customers cash back on all purchases, free shipping for online orders, exclusive coupons, and first access to new collections. These perks give customers more than enough reason to keep shopping with REI rather than a competitor.

customer retention

Later on, we’ll define customer retention programs, explain the most common types and show you examples of how to implement them within your organization. Customer retention is a metric that businesses use to measure customer loyalty over time and gauge overall success. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support. Customer retention, on the other hand, happens after you acquire the customer.


They’re educated guesses though, at least, which are based on locations, or age groups, or interests, or gender. It’s best practice to take care of it as soon as possible and make sure you satisfy your customer’s needs. This program gives access to discounts and gifts without actually having to spend any money.

FIs Invest in AI for Customer Loyalty — Bank Automation News

FIs Invest in AI for Customer Loyalty.

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To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Customer testimonials are an effective method for building rapport when attracting and engaging potential leads. They tell you why they love your brand so much and make suggestions as to where you can improve it. To back this up, they’ve fostered a strong culture and are very transparent with the production process.

Don’t just sell — educate

Membership or loyalty programs benefit businesses and customers alike, helping boost retention. Now that we’ve discussed the definition, benefits, and metrics, let’s look at 8 strategies to improve customer retention and examples of effective campaigns. Customer churn rate or customer turnover rate is the percentage of customers a business loses over a period. It’s a valuable metric to understand where your business needs to make improvements.

  • Share previous case studies that reveal your company’s style of communication and collaboration with customers and the results you achieved for customers.
  • And exhausting, repetitive interactions make customers more likely to leave.
  • That is why proactive service is so important in retaining customers.
  • This significantly expands the scope of the retention effort by being able to target significantly more customers with consistent offers across channels.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to recruit existing users for the interviews, you can also set up usability tests with people who have never used your product before.
  • Customer retention leads to repurchase leads to increased turnover as customers will keep returning.

The gesture probably wasn’t all that unusual, but the fact that it came out of nowhere likely left a strong impression on you. • Start with proactive renewals and test customer acceptance through existing contacts through inbound calls to the contact center. By submitting my personal data, I consent to Zendesk collecting, processing, and storing my information in accordance with the Zendesk Privacy Notice. Please select this checkbox if you do not wish to receive marketing communications from Zendesk. As a bustling online retailer, chat has played an essential role in deflecting call volume by 40 percent and allowing agents to carry out multiple conversations at once.

Customer satisfaction (CSat)

It’s one of the most appreciated and well-known customer retention strategies and keeps them coming back for more. Simply put, repeat purchase rate means the percentage of customers who shop more than once on your site. The metric helps to understand a customer’s returning tendency after their first purchase and, hence, design loyalty programs or discount schemes accordingly. But, improving customer experience and getting more satisfied users don’t have to be an expensive, high-tech endeavor. Implementing a simple customer feedback loop can help find and apply insights that improve your retention rate. Today, brands across various industries can use many different strategies to ensure their retail customers come back and make repeat purchases.

customer retention

It indicates whether or not your products or services have the prowess to please your existing customers and make them buy items from your platform only. Listed below are 6 essential best practices that will help you keep your customers aboard. When a customer shares their email address with you and opts into marketing messages, it’s a strong sign that they already feel positive towards your brand and your cue to build relationships.

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In an increasingly sterile and digital business world, ruled by cloud-based giants, a little human touch can go a long way. A way to go about and stand out in the market is by becoming a trustworthy source of industry tips and insights. Thankfully, a comprehensive loyalty program is no longer a tactic reserved for enterprises with big budgets like banks or airlines. For SaaS and other businesses that offer a service at a recurring monthly/annual cost, perfecting onboarding and training during the initial signup is critical. And, that’s an average which includes stores that made no efforts to nurture their customers beforehand.

One small way we try to consistently brighten our customers’ days is by building what we call “huzzah» images into our product — a fun illustration and caption that appears when customers reach inbox zero. When it comes to ecommerce, delivery and returns are two of the biggest consumer concerns. The way you manage last mile delivery can help you stand out from the competition and retain customers. Build a community of product experts that new and long-time customers alike can turn to when they have questions.

The Emotional Drivers of Customer Experience

Businesses work hard to attract customers through a mix of marketing, social media and brand strategies. You have invested a lot of time and effort gaining your customers’ trust. To improve customer retention, you have to look at your entire customer experience. The customer experience involves everything customers think and feel when they encounter your brand.

customer retention

After all, a 2018 survey found that 76% of consumers are more likely to shop where payment plans are available. For example, Delta customers who pay off airline tickets through Affirm or retail shoppers making purchases through Klarna or Afterpay. If customers know that they can count on you to treat them fairly beyond the sale, rather than disregarding them after receiving their money, they will trust you with future customer retention purchases. While many customers wait a few weeks to receive a product, some may want or need an item as soon as possible. Providing the option to get something days or weeks sooner may encourage some customers to return because they know they can get products faster from your company than they could from your competitors. Build a start-to-finish strategy to identify improvement opportunities and strengthen retention.

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